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With insights into global and national policy, and on-the-ground experience in a range of business and national environments.


Guiding clients through procedural hurdles and financial risk, we help execute concrete action towards fulfilling Paris Agreement goals.

Public Sector

From policy research to capacity building, Asiatica is also a provider of services to governments and multilateral institutions.


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About Us

There’s no challenge we’re not up for. We believe real change is possible.

Solving today’s social and environmental problems require not only governmental leadership, but also providing an enabling environment for businesses who want to innovate and make a change in the way they operate. Climate finance is one tool to assist this complex dynamic. We strive to understand all sides of the equation, and to help business whether in taking a giant stride or baby steps. 

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Latest News

  • Position Paper: Overcoming obstacles facing blended finance

    The following position paper was published in Environmental Finance (subscription required). Blended finance was highlighted in Environmental Finance in January as one of ‘The 12 themes set to shape 2019’ and the possibility was mentioned of France using the G7 summit it will host in August to “to push for development banks to do more to crowd in the private

    2019-08-09 in Carbon finance
  • Position Paper: ‘Hot Air’ in the Paris Agreement Carbon Markets?

    ‘HOT AIR’ IN THE PARIS AGREEMENT CARBON MARKETS? By: Junji Hatano, CEO, Carbon Partners Asiatica 13/08/2018 Despite the universal recognition of the importance of finance for NDC implementation, there is currently little interest being shown in the financing options provided for in the Paris Agreement. These are, first, bilateral cooperative approaches stipulated in Article 6.2

    2018-08-21 in Carbon credits
  • Position Paper: How covered green bonds can help deliver NDCs

    The following position paper was published in Environmental Finance and republished in NDCi. A ‘prototype’ covered green bond has been prepared that could help developing countries meet their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. Junji Hatano explains. 01 June 2018 A recent article in Environmental Finance – Green securitisations offer growing EU investment opportunity, says NNIP

    2018-06-20 in Carbon credits
  • Dini Laraswati on Blended Finance

    On 28 February 2018, Dini Laraswati spoke at a regional development seminar in Jakarta, designed to discuss synergy between government and business entities regarding rural electrification. At this event, Dini introduced the role that can be played by blended finance in achieving the global goal for sustainable development (for electricity access) and objectives of the

    2018-03-13 in Carbon finance