Biogas project, BAJ Way Jepara (CDM ref. 2652)
Biogas project, BAJ Unit 6 (CDM ref. 2631)
Biogas project, BAJ Terbanggi (CDM ref. 2650)

The Projects involve the installation of an anaerobic digester for the treatment of wastewater and biogas extraction system at a tapioca starch factory. The extracted biogas is utilized for electricity generation for on-site use and displaces gird import at the tapioca factory. The projects are located in Lampung, Indonesia.

key facts

  • The client

Budi Starch & Sweetener Tbk. (previously known as PT. Budi Acid Jaya)

  • Registration under the Clean Development Mechanism

The projects were registered in 2009 as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

  • Commercial operation

The Projects have been in commercial operation since 2009. Currently, Way Jepara and Terbanggi are undergoing their renewal of crediting period.

  • Issuance of carbon credits

Way Jepara and Terbanggi projects have each successfully had Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) issued for the amount of over 200,000 tonnes of CO2e emission from 1st to 4th verifications, while the Unit 6 project has been successful in having CERs issued for over 100,000 tonnes of CO2e emission from 1st to 4th verifications.

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