Multiple Small Scale Biogas to Energy Projects

Biogas project BAJ, Buyut Ilir (CDM ref. 7723)
Biogas project BAJ, Menggala (CDM ref. 7854)

The Projects are implemented by PT. Budi Starch & Sweetener Tbk. (previously known as PT. Budi Acid Jaya) in Lampung province, Indonesia. They involve recovery biogas from the anaerobic digestion of the wastewater released from tapioca starch processing plants with full capacity at 100 ton per day. Prior to the project activity, wastewater from the starch factories would have been treated through a series of deep anaerobic lagoons as the common practice for starch industry in Indonesia.

Under the project activity, the biogas will be used to generate electricity for 1.063 MW of a gas engine. The generated electricity will be consumed entirely by the tapioca starch processing plants. However, an open flare is also installed for use in any emergency situation

key facts

  • The client

Budi Starch & Sweetener Tbk. (previously known as PT. Budi Acid Jaya) 

  • Registration under the Clean Development Mechanism

The projects were registered in 2012 as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

  • Issuance of carbon credits

Each project is expected to issue 23,000 tonnes of CO2e emission annually.

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